Property Management

Tenants: Are Your Contents Insured?

Many tenants are not aware that they need an insurance policy that covers their belongings…

Benefits of Choosing Investors Edge Real Estate as Your Bayswater Property Manager

We guarantee proactive communication and we’ll return your calls and emails during the same business day or we’ll pay you $100! And that’s just the start!!!

Property Management Fees in Bayswater

What we find is that bigger brands are mainly focused on sales and so they’re not specialist property managers and what they tend to charge

How to Find a Quality Tenant for your Bayswater Rental Property

Our Leasing Specialists can help guide you to find quality tenants Fast!!

Stand Out! What Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

You need to do whatever you can to make sure your property stands out among the crowd and attracts quality tenants fast!

How can most Perth Property Managers not have a clue about investing?

A Little Property Management Accounting Tip To Save You Money & Stress

Strata Levies and Land Tax have some of the highest interest bearing penalty fees around and nobody wants to spend unnecessary funds on interest.

Our Dallas Chua Named as Finalist for Australian Excellence in Leasing Award by LPMA

I have just found out that Dallas Chua our South Metro Leasing Specialist has just been named as a Finalist for the Australian Leasing Excellence Award by LPMA… The only finalist from WA.

Our Five Most Common Property Management Maintenance Requests

Are your tenant’s complaining about maintenance issues – well you’re not alone! Things break — which means over time you are going to have to deal with maintenance requests.

Why are most Perth Property Managers not motivated to go the extra mile for me?

In this video Perth Property Management expert Jarrad Mahon answers a question many landlords are asking and tells you his secrets to what motivates the Property Managers at Investors Edge Real Estate.

Top 3 Tips to Lease Your Perth Rental Property Quicker

In this video Perth Property Investment Expert Jarrad Mahon chats with his Leasing Specialist Dallas Chua to get his top 3 tips to lease Perth rental properties quicker.

Why do most Perth Property Managers make accessing my property information too difficult?

In this video Perth Property Management expert Jarrad Mahon answers a question that many landlords are asking and tells you the solution that Investors Edge Real Estate provide for their landlords to access their property information 24/7.