Successful Property Development Webinar

Tuesday 5th September, 6pm WST

Join Property Development Expert Quentin Lau from Summit Projects as he takes us through how to make your next project a profitable success!

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  • Anyone wanting to know how to be successful at Property Development
'So What am I Going to Learn?'

In this revealing 60 minute webinar you will discover how to

  • Identify the Core Development Costs & common Causes of Cost Blowout!
  • Know the likely cost, timing and title differences between Single Storey, Double Storey & Apartment developments.
  • Determine the Permitted Yield looking at State Planning Framework, so you know what can be developed.
  • Determine Optimum Yield by assessing site conditions and commercial viability of the product, so you know what should be developed.
Quentin Lau- Summit Projects 

Having worked in Asia and Australia in both residential and commercial developments, Quentin is a qualified Architect who has worked exclusively for Summit Projects, advising clients on land acquisition, preparing feasibility study, undertaking cost analysis and project management.

His clients includes both mum and dad investors and professional developers. Projects include a simple house behind an existing house and large scale residential sub-division.  He has been invited to conduct seminars for private and public companies in WA and Hong Kong.

Jarrad Mahon - Investors Edge Real Estate

Jarrad is an experienced real estate industry thought leader who is a passionate property investor, real estate agency owner and the “Go To” for Perth property investment insights and practical strategies.

Over the last 8 years he has used his engineering background to build Investors Edge into being one of Australia’s most award winning property management businesses with a unique investor mindset that will save you money, time and effort.

Jarrad thrives on helping over 550 of clients every year to get the best property returns while avoiding costly mistakes. He has learned the hard way, by investing all around Australia using a variety of adding value strategies.

Jarrad has recently been named in the top 40 business owners and entrepreneurs in WA under the age of 40 and he is a regular contributor to a variety of property investment and industry magazines.

Totally Inspiring!
"Jarrad has an amazing story that inspired me in many ways, and I look forward to working with him and the other experts at Investors Edge. Thanks again for a terrific presentation!"

- Lara Allen

Our capacity is strictly limited to 100 Spots

Successful Property Development Webinar

Tuesday 5th Sept 2017, 6pm WST

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