10 Presentation Mistakes That Can Prevent You Selling

Selling a hoCommon Mistakes when Selling Perth Propertyme is a tricky business, and finding the perfect balance of cosy and clean presentation when showing your home is a delicate game. Here is a checklist of 10 common presentation mistakes that can prevent you from selling Perth property.

Pet Smells

When you own pets, it can be easy to become accustomed to the smells that they leave behind. Even if you think you’ve put in enough work to get rid of those lingering scents, it is still worth it to get someone to give you an honest assessment of how your home smells.

Setting the Table

A lot of homeowners think a set table will impress buyers, but often it simply feels like over presentation. Keep your home as natural feeling as possible.

Window Coverings

Keeping a room bright and clean is key to selling a home. Make sure heavy drapes or curtains are drawn and out of the way.

Excess Furniture

Even if you have a lot of furniture that you are proud of, too much furniture can make a room feel small and cramped. Place excess furnishings into storage if you can.

Family Photos

It can be hard to pack away those family photos when you are getting ready to move, but it’s important that potential buyers can see themselves and their family in your home.

Full Closets

Even if you are trying to reduce clutter in your main living areas, buyers also like to think there is a lot of storage. Try to keep storage spaces less than half full.

Poor Yard Maintenance

It may seem like it goes without saying, but an overgrown yard can be an instant turn off for most buyers. Keep your lawn maintained!

Presenting Collections

Your collections are important to you – but not to your buyers. Pack them up before you show your home.

Old Fixtures

You may have grown accustomed to your 1970s-style doorknobs and light fixtures, but buyers want to feel like they are moving into a new home. A couple of inexpensive new handles and light switches can make a world of difference.


This is another thing that falls in letting the buyer picture his own interpretation of the home. Keep it light and modern and you’ll have more success than an over the top theme.


Taking a few simple steps to make your home as inviting as possible can have big payoffs when it comes to impressing potential buyers. Make sure you check each of the items before you go to the market to give you the best chance of a successful sale!

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