3 Top Tips on Finding A Tenant FAST

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Hi, I’m Dallas from Investors Edge, today I’ll give you 3 tips on how to get your property leased quicker.

I’ve got 3 P’s for you, the first one is Property. Is your property presented well? Does it need a good clean. Are the garden beds tidied up? Because tenants look up for a well presented property.

The next P is Promotion. Are we advertised on all major websites? Do we have good marketing material? Do we have good photos, do we have a video walkthrough of the property?

That brings us to the third P which is Price. If we can get good marketing photos and the property presents in a great state, it all comes out to price, are we in line with the market, are we well priced?

If we can get these 3 p’s working for us, we will maxmise your chances of renting your property out quicker.

Thank you for watching this video on my top 3 tips on how to get the property lease quicker. If you need help, get in touch. Click here for more info on our services

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