Attention Tenants! Discover how to get your entire rental bond back

If you do the following 5 things you will increase the chances of getting the entirety of your rental bond back at the end of your tenancy and that you get it back more quickly!

Getting your complete bond backPay all rent up to vacate date

Rent will be charged until the keys are returned to the office. Please ensure that all your rent is up to date when you hand in the keys.

Ensure all outstanding invoices are paid

Any outstanding invoices need to be paid. Check your tenant ledger in our login portal to ensure that none are missed.

Professional vacate cleaning

It would be best if you could get a professional cleaner to clean the property before you return it as they are more thorough in their cleaning process.


Ensure that the gardens are in a good state when you are finish with the property.

Leave the property how you got it

A property condition report was conducted at the beginning of your tenancy. Please check that you go through each line of the PCR as thoroughly as you did when you took on the property.


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