Bayswater City Leads Way with Innovative RISE Facility

One of the essential traits we like to see that makes a suburb suitable for investment properties is an eye toward the future. We have stated many times here that our buyer’s agents always recommend purchasing investment properties in Perth suburbs that are poised for capital growth. We think that Bayswater is such a suburb.

Bayswater City RISE by Property Management Firm

Bayswater: a City on the RISE

RISE stands for Recreation, Information, Socialising and Entertainment. It is meant to represent the functions and services the building will provide to the Bayswater community. Built on the site of the historic Maylands Hall, RISE is meant to be a community hub; the name and logo were commissioned by the Council in June 2011.

The Council’s vision and intent were to create a central meeting place that would embrace people of diverse cultures, ages and social contexts. This would allow the building to benefit the entire community. RISE is seen as a centre that will give Bayswater a higher profile and an “enhanced civic presence.”

Most of all, it is projected that RISE will have a positive economic impact and provide jobs for the area while creating opportunities for complementary retail and commercial businesses. RISE is also designed to complement the Maylands Town Centre’s Transport Oriented Design concept.

RISE: a Multi-Functional Facility

RISE was built to provide many services and functions to the Bayswater community. It has four visually-stunning towers to create a memorable presence for visitors and residents alike.

Its multi-function sports court provides opportunities to play basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer with ample spectator seating. The branch library has activities for children and adults.

RISE has a function room that can hold up to 400 people and can be divided into two rooms of 200 each for seminars, conventions and other functions. In addition, the community hall can be divided into three separate rooms for smaller events. There is also a community meeting room that can hold up to eight people, along with community offices consisting of eight rooms.

There are many more facilities that serve various facets of the community. The bottom line is that Bayswater is looking toward the future. This always bodes well for capital growth.

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