Why it PAYS To be a GOOD Tenant

As a tenant, you most likely take into account the quality of the landlord or Perth property management company when searching for a place to live, as a good landlord often makes for a better living situation. It also works the other way. As a tenant, you also have certain responsibilities to be considered a good tenant, including abiding by the lease, giving notice before you vacate, and keeping the property maintained and in good condition. It is to your benefit to follow these codes of conduct and be a good tenant to your landlord.

woman-keysReturn of Your Full Bond

The number one benefit you receive for being a good tenant is getting most, if not all, of your rental bond back when you leave. A landlord takes this money at the beginning of your tenancy to cover any repairs, maintenance, or other work that needs to be done upon your leaving. If you leave the property in pristine condition, thoroughly cleaning it, then the landlord will have fewer costs for getting the property back to rental condition, so you get more of your bond back.

Good Recommendations for the Future

Your most important asset is the strength of your references on an application for tenancy. If you are considered a bad tenant, then this reputation will follow you to the next places, leading to a landlord being hesitant to accept you as a resident. By being a good tenant, then you will receive a positive referral from your old property manager, increasing your chances of being approved for your new place to live. This could ensure that you can live in the place you wish to move, especially if it is a competitive location.

Better Service from Your Landlord

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is much more than just sending payment for a place to live. There are times that you require maintenance or repairs to your apartment or rental house. Additionally, you want to have some control over when you vacate the property.

If you have a positive relationship with your landlord, then you will receive better service. This could include getting repairs performed faster and at a higher priority. Additionally, you will have more control over getting to stay, or even breaking your lease in certain circumstances. For example, if you have to move for a job and need to break the lease, if you have a good relationship with the landlord, then he or she may be more accommodating and flexible with your lease agreement than if you were a poor tenant. You also will have less of a risk of being kicked out or not having your lease renewed if you want to stay in your current residence.

It does not take much work to be a good tenant, as you typically only need to pay your rent on time and keep the property in good condition. By taking the effort to be a good tenant, you can receive many benefits that are far more valuable than the energy you put into being a reliable renter.


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