Bibbulmun Track: One of the World’s Greatest Walking Trails at Your Doorstep

Amenities are an important part of lifestyle in any suburb and High Wycombe provides access to one of the best—the Bibbulmun Track. The Bibbulmun Track is a walking trail that extends from Kalamunda to Albany. It is 1003.1 km in length and extends through some of the most beautiful and scenic land in the South West of WA.

Property Management about Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is meant only for walkers. It has a signposting that consists of trail markers (yellow triangles) that symbolise Waugal, known as the rainbow snake of the Aboriginal Dreamtime. The trail navigates walkers through mist-covered valleys, tingle and karri forests over giant boulders and through many national and state parks.

There are many options for those who want to walk the Bibbulmun Track. Many in the High Wycombe area prefer to take short walks starting at the northern terminus in Kalamunda, turning around and walking back to the starting point. Others like to camp out while many like to take guided tours in groups.

Walking the Entire Trail

Those who walk the entire trail are referred to as “end-to-enders.” A reasonably fit and healthy person can walk the entire trail in 8 weeks. The Bibbulmun Track treads through such towns as Dwellingup, Balingup, Pemberton, Walpole and Denmark, but the distances between access points is too long for people to walk the entire trail, segment by segment, as a series of day walks.

The distance between access points can be as “short” as 4 days or as long as 12 days. This makes it impossible to stay in accommodation every night and makes camping a necessity. For long walks that involve camping, the ideal times are autumn, winter and spring. Long walks on the trail are not recommended for most people.

Those who plan to walk entire segments can consult the FAQ page of the Bibbulmun Track official website and information for track conditions is available there at any time.

There are a total of 49 campsites on the Bibbulmun Track. Each one is a day’s walk from the next. They all have tent sites, picnic tables, a rainwater tank, a pit toilet and a three-sided timber shelter.

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