Burswood Park: The Jewel of Burswood

Our property management team likes to tell readers of our blog about family-friendly suburbs that are perfect for the investor who wants to purchase investment properties around Perth. Our criteria are: potential for capital growth, family-friendly and reasonable proximity to jobs, transport and infrastructure. One suburb that fits all of our criteria is Burswood.

Investment Properties in Perth Suburb, Burswood

Burswood Demographics

Burswood is nestled along the Swan River, 4 km from Perth. According to the 2011 census, Burswood has a population of 2,029 of which 46% are females and 54% are males. The median age in Burswood is 38, which is one year higher than the average in Australia. 42.4% of the population are married.

Burswood has a low unemployment rate of 3.7% with 70.4% working full time and 22.3% employed part time. 25.9% are classified as professionals, 20.6% as managers and 13.7% as clerical personnel. Median household income is $1,877 per week while the current median rental is $590 per week. 52.5% of all homes in Burswood are rented. The current median home price is currently $741,000.

What They Mean

We see Burswood as another great suburb for investment properties in the Perth area. While demand has pushed property prices higher than we would like to see, rents are rising along with them, history suggests that prices will continue to rise as demand pushes them even higher, making both short-term and long-term capital growth a probability. The low rate of unemployment in Burswood also makes it a desirable location, as does its proximity to Perth.

Burswood Park

We also like seeing great amenities near or within our suburbs that promote family living. One such amenity is Burswood Park. Burswood Park’s mission statement is to become the “premier park of its kind in Australia.” This includes setting high standards for management and maintenance while promoting the park to visitors as an accessible and attractive venue for passive and active recreation.

Once visitors get there, they strive to provide maximum satisfaction and enjoyment while respecting both the environment and the history of Burswood. The park has trails for cycling and for jogging, along with the park gardens, the heritage trail and many stunning views.

Wrapping it Up

Call 1300 472 427 to learn more about Burswood.


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