Can Twilight Photos Help Sell Homes?

One of the biggest trends these days being used by photographers and Property Agents is taking Twilight Photos of homes. These pictures tend to capture an image of a home that the photographer hopes will look warm and comfortable, and instill in a potential homebuyer’s mind the comforting thought of returning home to this beautiful house every night. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages dusk photos can have for homes and whether or not your home can benefit from these unique pictures.

Benefits of Twilight Photos

As mentioned above, dusk photos are trying to capture that romantic notion of returning to a warm home every evening and give potential buyers an emotional connection to the house – but there’s more to it than just that. Dusk photos are increasing in popularity because the lighting creates a unique mood and stand out online, meaning that your property will likely see more hits than more traditionally lit photos.

Dusk photos also add an element of glamour and give the home an elegant air of class, helping to make a property appear more prestigious.

What Type of Properties Benefit the Most from Dusk Photography?

While any home can obviously be shot at dusk to try and capture that elegant look, most photographers charge more for dusk photography, and you should take a minute to consider whether it is the best choice for your home. The type of homes that typically benefit the most from dusky photos have strong features such as outdoor entertaining and lit pools, down lights and waterfront properties. There are also some aspects that make a home a worse candidate for low-light photography – things such as Ceaser stone benches and halogen lighting tend to distract in low-light photography.

Most agents agree that a photo is unlikely to sell a home on its own – but can absolutely help to increase the number of potential buyers who will come to see it for an inspection. Visit Investors Edge to learn more about preparing your home to sell!




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