Castledare Miniature Railway in Cannington: Fun for the Whole Family

The Castledare Miniature Railway is one of many attractions in the Canning River Regional Park. The miniature railway is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013. It was developed by miniature railway enthusiasts Kevin Perry, Keith Watson, Bob Moss, Jack Stanbridge and Ken Foster.

Castledare Miniature Railway in Cannington
Image Source: Castledare Miniature Railway Facebook Page

It was inspired by Watson’s building of a 7.25 gauge railway as the others were running 3.5 gauge trains.Perry built his own 7.25 gauge locomotive and made a track in Castledare for the train to run. Watson and Perry would convince the Castledare Boys’ Home that they could make money by charging people for rides if they allowed their property to be used for the railway.

In October 1963, the track was only 30 metres long. The reported profit for the day was somewhere in the area of $35. And nobody had any idea of what they had started that October day.

Modernisation for Castledare Railway

In the late 1990’s, Castledare was becoming dated and had fallen out of style.The combination of less leisure time and more competition for the entertainment dollar put the very existence of Castledare at risk. The Club didn’t want to see Castledare go under and began to drum up support for major projects with help from entities such as the Lotteries Commission, many large companies and many club members.

The first project, known as the “Stan Bridge,” would be erected crossing a lagoon adjoining the Canning River. Club members were inspired by the Stan Bridge and immediately increased their efforts.

Fast forward to now: The Niana Station and the Wilson Station both provide signal boxes and service to the railway. On 6 October 2013, the club would celebrate its 50th anniversary by carrying 1,605 passengers on 79 trains. Two “supertrains” with three locomotives each carried 50 passengers on each train: one for every year the Castledare railway has been in business.

Congratulations to Castledare Miniature Railway.

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