November Perth Property Market Update- Observing the Trends & Opportunities

Discover the underlying trends and factors at play in the Perth rental and sale markets, as well as my insights into where the best opportunities are… I’m sure you will find it very interesting!

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September “Perth Property Market” Update- The Election Impact

I take a close look at the effect our federal election & First Home Owners Grant changes are having on our Perth rental and sale market.

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July Perth Property Market Update-Balancing Act!

There are critical changes happening in the Perth property market this month- get up to speed on them now!

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May Perth Property Market Update

May Perth Property Market Update- Potential Turning Points

In this months Perth Property Market update I give you my insights into the current state of the market, some handy tips for buyers and sellers plus a look at some changes in the rental market. There has been signs of a turning point in each market, watch or read now for more info.

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February Perth Property Market Update

February Perth Property Market Update- It’s now a Sellers Market!

Watch my first Perth Property Update for 2013 where I explain why we are now in a Sellers Market, giving you the latest stats backed up by what I’m seeing in the Perth rental and sale market.

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November Perth Property Market Update: Late Spring!

Watch this update for the latest straight from what I am seeing in the rental and sale market across Perth

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October Perth Property Update- Tightening Market

October Perth Property Update: Tightening Market!

This month I decided to do my Perth Property Update in video… let me know whether you prefer this or the normal written format. Only problem I can see is that you will have to look at my face for 11 minutes but hopefully with all the juicy content I have crammed in it will be worth it!

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Perth Property market springs into action

September Perth Property Update – Spring Into Action!

Read the latest update on the Perth rental and sale market

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July Perth Property Update- “2 Speed Market”

In this months Perth Property Update I take a closer look at the state of the market, the factors influencing buyer demand, where it is strongest in the market at the moment and how to predict where it will occur.

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May Perth Property Update- “Proof of Life”

With the drop of interest rates this week contrasted with ever increasing rental prices we may see some first home buyer demand return to this segment of the market in the coming months. Read the latest insights on the Perth Property Market now…

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Perth Property Crystal Ball

February Perth Property Update- “Who wants a Crystal Ball?”

Welcome to my first Perth Property Update for 2012, where I bring you the latest on the Perth market and this month I feature how you can drastically improve the timing and quality of your buying and selling decisions with the help of John Lindeman, one of the leading authorities on our Australian property markets. John has spent over 20 years professionally researching the nature & dynamics of our housing market including 10 years with major housing data providers such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Having John’s help is as close as you can get to having your own crystal ball so read on!

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December Perth Property Update – “Selling the Sizzle”

Welcome to our December Perth Property Update where as well as a full update on the Perth sale and rental market we also bring you a unique perspective this month on how we are getting premium sales results in this buyers market by “Selling the Sizzle” and not just the sausage, covering some great tips to remember when next selling a property.

Plus in the area of property management we take a deep look at the fear some landlords have around charging their tenant full market rent at all times.

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