Free Video…Secrets of the Australian Housing Market Revealed – By John Lindeman

In this exclusive video presentation for the Investors Edge Real Estate community, John Lindeman from Property Power Partners, one of the leading authorities on the Australian Housing Market and monthly contributor to Australian Property Investor Magazine…. provides deep insights that every property owner needs to know, to improve their timing when buying and selling and maximise their profits from property.

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Investing lessons from Donald Trump

Having just got back from the National Achievers Conference in Sydney where we saw 14 different speakers on a variety of business and personal achievement topics, there was one speaker that trumped the rest with his presentation style and hard hitting message on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur – Donald Trump!

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Buying Tips… Property OR Superannuation?… Why Choose?

In this video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist from Investors Edge Real Estate interviews Justin McMillan, licensed financial planner from RI Advice about the use of Superannuation as a vehicle to invest in property.

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How to Keep Your Emotions Out Of Buying Your Next Investment Property

In the latest Buying Tips video Jarrad Mahon, Director and Property Specialist at Investors Edge Real Estate discusses his practical steps to taking emotion out of your investment property buying decision.

A must watch for any property investor!!

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Buying Tips Video… Forget high negative gearing

Here Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate discusses the popular strategy of high negative gearing and makes his point that it no longer is a sustainable strategy in today’s market place. Jarrad then discusses the property types to that will have a higher yield and encourages investors to look for cash flow and growth when buying property. We value

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Buying Tips Video… My top 5 criteria for selecting an over performing property

Here Jarrad Mahon from Investors Edge Real Estate, discusses his top 5 criteria for selecting an investment property that should over perform the rest of the market. We value your feedback, please post your comments below. For more useful free videos and reports, make sure you checkout the comprehensive Property Education Resources available on this site to help you get

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Property Tips Video… Always consider your end resale value

In this video Jarrad Mahon discusses the importance of always considering your homes resale value when making any improvements. Just because you place a high perceived value on something does not mean the market will. Consult a highly experienced real estate agent before making any property improvements to ensure your getting biggest bang for you buck! We value your feedback,

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