Every Perth Landlord’s Worst Nightmare!!!

Imagine receiving a call from the Police to advise you that your Perth rental property had been completely destroyed by fire, and there was nothing left to salvage….

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When is it time to look for a new Perth Property Manager?

It’s usually not just one reason that prompts an investor to change manager but a whole bunch of small reasons that add up over time. Here is an insight into just some of the reasons that our new owners have decided that it’s time to change who looks after their most important asset…

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If you can’t sell, consider Perth’s low risk property manager

The rental market is booming, have you thought about renting your property out? Great question!… a question that can spark debate, encourage conversation and can seem like a very difficult decision. I encountered a unique story this week that I would like to share with you, that made me think, what is more important a price on my house or a price on my life?

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Landlord Tips… “Top 5 ways to ensure your property is leased quicker than any other on the market”

With tenant vacancy being the number 1 killer of any property investors overall return… this is a must watch!
In this video Jarrad Mahon, Director at Investors Edge Real Estate goes through his top 5 ways to ensure your property is leased quicker than any other on the market.

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Landlord Tips…How to have maximum insurance cover without affecting your cash flow!

Jarrad Mahon, the Director and Property Specialist at Investors Edge interviews Justin McMillan from RI Advice on about the ways property investors can have maximum insurance cover with out affecting their cash flow.
Bonus Offer valued at $500!

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