Property Managers in Perth in Maintaining a Garden

Is your Garden ready for Summer?

I would like to give you some tips to make sure that your gardens are well-maintained during spring and summer.

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Property Manager in Perth Discusses Breaking a Fixed-Term Lease

Why You Must Fill Out a Thorough Property Condition Report (PCR) to Protect Your Property

Whether you are a tenant, property manager or someone with investment property in Perth, you need to know about how best to handle a break lease situation so that you have smooth transition to a new tenant, with as little strain on everyone as possible.

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Rental Property

What Does Perth’s Softening Rental Market Mean to You?

The last few months, a softening rental market has begun to affect investment property in Perth and the surrounding area.

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Winter Problems for Tenants

In winter, there are a different set of rules for protecting your house in Perth. Discover them now.

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Residential Security Requirements

Do You Know the New Security Requirements for Residential Properties?

As of 1 July, 2013, security requirements for your residential investment properties in Perth and across Australia have just become more stringent.

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Tenancy Agreement

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act – What They Mean to You

On the 1st July 2013 the new changes to the act will come into effect. While there have been many minor technical changes, there are several major ones that will affect all landlords in Perth.

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Perth Winter Sprinkler Ban: Is Your Retic Off?

Read about the permanent winter sprinkler ban and make sure your retic is off.

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Break In

What Tenants Should Do in Case of a Break-in

While managing investment property in Perth, we have seen our share of break-ins. Even a place with a high standard of living isn’t immune to society’s problems. Here is what our tenants should do in case of a break in.

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Living Room

In Perth, These Are Amenities That Renters Want Most

When tenants investigate a potential rental Perth property  management, most property managers agree that certain amenities attract future residents more than price or even location. An efficient air conditioning system in the rental property is critical, whether it’s a wall-mounted or ducted system. An a/c unit that is well-maintained and has a decent cooling capacity makes hot summers in Perth

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Office Library

Attention Investors Edge Landlords & Tenants: You can now borrow from our extensive office library

We have decided to make our extensive collection of personal development and investment books and audio available to our Landlords & Tenants.

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Attention Tenants! Discover how to get your entire rental bond back

Follow these practical tips to ensure you receive all of your bond back once you vacate a Perth rental property.

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Tenants…. Cooling off in your above ground pool…… think again

Installing a pool or spa without prior written consent of the owner is breaching your lease agreement.

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