Choosing a Building Inspector? What You Need to Know

CarpeYou’ve got your sights set on a property. You’re ready to take the next step, but before you do, how do you know you are not going to end up with a “lemon”? That’s why a building inspection is one of the most powerful tools for any investor to have in their toolbox!

A poorly executed inspection can miss major issues that leave you in trouble later on. What if there are cracks in the foundation?  Or electrical wiring that is not up to standard? The right inspector will be tirelessly thorough and inform you of any and all potential issues.

So what should you be looking for when trying to select a home inspection firm? Take a moment to consider these helpful pointers.

Certifications and Experience

First are two things that go hand in hand: certifications in the inspection industry, and years of experience in construction and inspections. Not all inspectors are also currently contractors or builders, but some experience in these fields is something for which you should be looking. After all, when you’ve seen what goes into building a home, it’s much easier to know what issues you’re trying to spot. As for industry certifications, you want to be confident that the firm is both well-regarded and qualified to carry out detailed inspections.

Scope of Inspections

Next, take a look at the scope of their inspections. What do they look for, and on which areas do they focus? Does your inspector have additional expertise that might be helpful? You want an inspection to consider both the big picture as well as the granular details. From inspecting the quality of the roof to getting into crawlspaces beneath the home, an inspection company should be willing to go the distance to uncover all possible issues.

Report Quality

Finally, your inspection firm should have a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand reporting system. After looking at the home, the company compiles their findings into a complete report for you to peruse. Be sure to ask what is included in the report and even ask for a sample.

When you are armed with a detailed inspection, you can invest in properties with confidence. Make sure to do your research on plenty of different companies. After all, building healthy relationships is an essential part of real estate investment — and an excellent inspector is the investor’s best friend.

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