Considering Hiring a Property Manager? Hire One Who Is a Member of LPMA

If you have recently bought an investment property in Perth, you should consider hiring a property manager – one who will manage your property for you, eliminating the headaches that can come with trying to do everything yourself. And you should certainly consider a qualified property manager who is a member of LPMA, the Leading Property Managers of Australia.

Perth Property Managers

Why is this important? As a landlord, you probably want to minimise your daily involvement with the property, and maximise your personal time. You have purchased your rental property, made improvements or updates, and now it is ready to rent. A qualified LPMA property manager will relieve you of the daily tasks of managing maintenance, accounting, security, tenant interaction, rent collection, documentation, and much more, allowing you time for yourself and other pursuits.

Leading Property Managers of Australia members are an elite group of specialist property managers and property management businesses across Australia who provide the highest level of service and professionalism to investment property owners and their tenants. They are professionals who stay up to date in the rental business with LPMA’s comprehensive development program.

Members adhere to a Comprehensive Code of Practice, ensuring that standards are met and the agent or property management company, is apprised of the latest technology tools, and techniques that can make your life as a landlord easier.

In addition to daily tasks, the benefits of having a property manager include: someone to protect your investment by conducting background and credit checks on prospective tenants; maximising your rental income by obtaining the highest amount of rent that market conditions dictate; and minimising the vacancy period on your property by actively advertising the rental.

LPMA agents have access to an exclusive professional network in order to:

  • Tap into a referral network across the country to better service your rental needs and maximise revenue opportunities
  • Participate in industry leading Certification and Awards programs
  • Access the best property management training in the country
  • Access the best property management products and services
  • Opportunity to share ideas and strategies with other property management professionals
  • Exclusive access to research surveys to plan for greater business success for your property

Yes, Investors Edge is a member of LPMA so give them a call for peace of mind with your property management.


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