Don’t Let Electrical Issues Short-Circuit Your Investment Portfolio by Putting Your Tenants at Risk

Electrical issues can be deadly for your tenants and your investment portfolio. Substandard or outdated wiring, especially in older buildings, can put your tenants and your financial future at risk.

Investment Property Electrical Issues

As a landlord, you are at risk of being held financially responsible for any damages. While insurance can mitigate your risk, the best strategy is to eliminate this kind of risk altogether by providing your tenants with a safe place to live.

At Investors Edge, we simply won’t allow you to put tenants at risk. However, we will help you get your properties into electrical shape. Here are some common problems that require immediate attention.

The Fuse Box

Older fuse boxes are built with only one “safety switch” or RCD and this is not enough. That switch usually protects the incoming power circuit but nothing else. In extreme cases, air conditioners, water heaters, hard wired stoves and light circuits don’t have their own circuit breakers; some properties are actually wired without a safety switch all. It is now mandatory for each property to have 2 RCD, one for the lighting and one for the power circuit.

Luckily, building codes have addressed this problem in newer homes.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring has warning signs that are often ignored but should be fixed immediately. Tenant complaints about any of the following should be taken seriously and your wiring should be inspected by a licensed professional.

Fuses and Breakers Go Out Often

There are two reasons for this: first, the tenant may be attempting to run too much power through one circuit; the other is that the wiring is faulty.

Lights Dim and Flicker

This usually means that the circuit is overloaded but can often mean that the wiring itself is faulty. Either way, adjustments need to be made before the situation escalates.

Charring, Buzzing, Discolouring or Burning Smell around Outlets or Switches

All of these are signs of an immediate fire hazard. They should be replaced immediately.

Shocks from Outlets or Switches

This is another indication that something is wrong and needs immediate replacement.

Investors Edge Can Help

Don’t allow your properties to put your tenants at risk. Hire a professional property management team that knows the Perth area. We take all tenant complaints seriously and alert you to mandatory maintenance before a situation arises. Call 1300 472 427 to learn more.

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