Eight Important Factors That Help Sell Your Home Faster

Once you have decided to sell a property in Perth, it is in your best interest to sell it as fast as possible. Most houses sell for more money in the first 2-4 weeks than they do afterwards. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand; the more demand there is for your house, the more you will be able to command a selling price. Here are eight ways to make your home more desirable.

Under Offer Happy Seller


Keep your house clean and your yard neat. Make sure your lawn, trees, and shrubbery are properly maintained.

Flowers and other Plants

Potted plants or flowers at all points of entry give a great first impression to those who are viewing the property for the first time. Flowers on the dining table are a nice touch, too. They make the house feel more like a home, and buyers can see themselves living there.

Fresh Paint

A professional paint job makes a house look newer and better cared for. If you can do it yourself, great. If you can’t, hire a professional. A note of caution: a bad paint job will decrease the value of your home.

Necessary Repairs

This is a bit like painting. What you spend before the sale will increase your final price by a lot more than you paid. Even something as simple as replacing old wallpaper can make your house more desirable and help it fetch a higher price in a competitive market.

Full Disclosure

If something needs repair and you couldn’t get to it, don’t try to hide it. Most buyers demand home inspections, and they will eventually know anyway. A little bit of honesty goes a long way on the desirability scale.

Feng Shui

You don’t have to go quite that far, but if you arrange your furniture in a way that makes your house look bigger, it will command a higher price. If you have large furniture covering up assets such as architectural windows, move it.

Let the Buyers Compete

Get as many buyers in the door by setting a fair market price using a price range or a “From” price and let buyers drive the price up by competing for it. Once they are emotionally committed you are in the box seat to negotiate the best price.

Handy Advice That Could Make You Thousands

Call 1300 472 427 and let our Free Sale Appraisal help with advice on preparing your home for sale and some handy contacts to make it all happen.


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