Episode 125: Q&A: Growth vs Cashflow, Research Tips & Rental Freezes

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Today, we’re going into a lot of the questions getting asked on the Perth Property Investment Facebook Group and I’m choosing some of the juicy ones! 

I’m going to go into a few scenarios on whether you buy for growth VS cash flow. How do new properties and established properties fit into that. What are the trade-offs for each property type when looking to buy.

Then I’m going deeper to give you my take on research tips and where you can get data. How to look at short-term and long-term data. And how it fits together to make a selection criteria. 

Finally, we’re going to go into rental freezes and rental caps and what could be ahead, and whether it’s actually going to make me even think about selling or whether or not I’m worried about it at all.

So let’s go inside.


Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Looking at Two Properties With Both 350 sqm Land Area [01:28] 
  3. Tips for Selecting the Best Property Option [03:16] 
  4. Capital Gains Tax VS Income Tax: What’s the Difference? [08:32] 
  5. Where to Find Annual Growth Reports for a Perth Suburb? [11:37] 
  6. Accessing Long-term Data for Property Analysis [15:43] 
  7. Determining Short-term Growth Probability in a Suburb [18:22] 
  8. Do Tenants Advertise Their Properties to Save Money? [20:56] 
  9. Understanding Rental Cap and Its Impact on the Market [26:42] 
  10. How to Prevent Rental Prices From Increasing [29:07] 
  11. Outro [32:55] 

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