Episode 178: Master Sales Agent Shares Strategy for Getting the Best Price

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In this episode, I am sharing my proven strategy for getting the best price when next selling your property.

You might think with the market being so hot, houses just can sell themselves now so why pay for a top sales agent?… I will show you how the skills I have gained in our down market can significantly amplify your selling price making the most of this hot market!

From my vast experience of selling 65 properties over the last year and hundreds over the last 16 years, I will go into my 5 main price levers including presentation, excellent marketing, pricing for demand, creating competition and strong negotiation which all work together to get the very best price.  

Let’s go inside.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Improving Property Presentation for Sale, Including Staging and Marketing. [4:11]
  3. Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Pricing Techniques [9:11]
  4. Real Estate Sales Strategies, Including Pricing, Marketing, and Negotiation [15:32]
  5. Strategies for Selling Properties in Perth, Including Staging, Marketing, and Negotiating. [19:14]

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