Episode 86: Rising Above Our Mistakes Part 2 With Adam Nyeholt

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Today I’m back with part two of our Inside Story: chatting to Adam Nyeholt of Rise Property Buyers, talking about rising above our mistakes. Today we’ll be going into lots of interesting stuff with Adam’s recent project in Leederville and it’s going to be exciting to unpack his experiences and learning lessons.

We’re also going to reflect back on how he’d start again if he was back at the beginning, and we’ll also talk about what we see for the year ahead in the Perth property market.

It’s going to be a really interesting episode, so let’s go inside!


Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Adam’s Recent Purchase for A Client [00:59]
  3. Guidance of Adam’s Agent [03:10]
  4. The Renovation [05:55]
  5. Adam’s Major Learnings [09:51]
  6. How do the Banks Look at the Income from Airbnb? [11:01]
  7. Adam’s Advice for People that are Starting Out [13:44]
  8. Should You Use a Buyer’s Agent or Not? [16:17]
  9. Adam’s Outlook on Perth [18:02]
  10. Adam’s Future Property Plans [19:44]
  11. Outro [22:32]


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