Find Out How Cannington is Planning for the Future

Investment Perth property in real estate market is unique, but is still subject to most of the basic laws of investing. As any of our buyer’s agents will tell you, the most important factor in any real estate investment, in Perth or anywhere, is location. We would like to explain location a bit and then tell you why we think Cannington is a great location for anyone looking for investment properties in the Perth area.

Investment Property in Cannington

Location, location, location.

On a superficial level, determining whether a location is good for investing or not can be as simple as driving through the neighbourhood. However, this only scratches the surface and there are a lot of factors that can raise or lower prices.

We look for neighbourhoods that are poised for growth. We prefer communities that have a plan for growth and the ability to execute it. Other factors are amenities such as transportation, schools, medical facilities, shopping centres and proximity to employment.

We think that Cannington has it all and that it will be a great place to hold investment property. It is close to Perth and has a commitment to preserving natural beauty and managing growth in a way that is beneficial to the entire community.

Canning Strategic Community Plan

As a suburb of Canning, Cannington falls under the Canning Strategic Community Plan. The Plan is long-range and flexible, with broad objectives that focus on the goals and visions of the Canning community.

It is designed to help both present and future generations and is geared toward economic prosperity, social advancement and environmental protection. The plan is augmented by the Corporate Business Plan, which seeks to foster an environment in which businesses thrive.

Canning Plan Goals

  • Protect, promote and preserve the area’s natural beauty.
  • A community that is sustainable and environmentally aware.
  • Optimisation of community services.
  • Health, wellbeing and safety at a high level for the entire community.
  • More choices for shopping and entertainment.
  • A thriving and diverse City Centre.
  • Increased support for small businesses and employment.

What it Means to You

To us, it’s simple: Cannington is a suburb that is poised for growth and whose government has a plan in place. Call 1300 472 427 today for more information.

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