How to Find a Quality Tenant for your Bayswater Rental Property

G’day! Jarrad Mahon, Managing Director of Investors Edge Real Estate property management Bayswater. I wanted to fill you in on some of the secrets around how we can find quality tenants for your Bayswater Rental Property.

We’re a property management specialist and we have a dedicated leasing person whose sole job is to find you a quality tenant fast.

These highly trained, basically sales people, know how to market your property well and then they’ll show it after hours and on weekends. We also have a state of the art booking and reporting system. So we automatically are able to book all your tenants in, update them and make sure they come along to the viewings with SMS reminders and then we provide you with detailed report giving you all the insights into how your leasing is going so that we can make decisions on if we need to make any adjustments quickly.

We also utilise a number of marketing techniques that the average property manager doesn’t. We’ll do a video walk through, we’ll do professional quality photos and we’ll take a lot of time to write a great ad that’s gonna be really compelling and get people along to view your property. There’s a number of other marketing things that we can do to leave no stone unturned so do chat to us about those.

And finally, we are very detailed when it comes to vetting your tenant. We will check all their references, we will screen them on the national tenancy database and we’ll be really looking for those small things that gives us a gauge as to how they are going to be long term for you and the property.

So, chat to us about leasing your property, it’s one of our major strengths. Bayswater is just one of the many Perth properties we provide rental management services in.

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