Our Five Most Common Property Management Maintenance Requests

Are your tenant’s complaining about maintenance issues – well you’re not alone! Things break — which means over time you are going to have to deal with maintenance requests. Read on to see our top 5 Perth Property Management Maintenance Items.

  1. Air conditioning or heating faults. We like our creature comforts — and a cool or warm home as appropriate is a big one. A/C units and heaters are complex pieces of machinery. Many things can break down. Whether it’s a lack of refrigerant to a busted blower motor, your tenant won’t know the difference. Find an experienced and affordable A/C technician you can trust to send to your properties to make these repairs quickly.
  1. Kitchen appliances. As some of the most heavily used appliances in the home, it makes sense that they would break down more. Rangehoods, ovens — even the refrigerator can stop working. These are critical to providing a liveable space, so make friends with a reliable appliance repair service right away. You want to keep the cost down while still providing an acceptable level of maintenance.
  1. Bathroom plumbing issues. We’ve all experienced plumbing mishaps before. A flooding or clogged toilet is simply no fun. Clogged drains can also be a major problem. Knowing which plumber to call when you run into these problems is important. You don’t want to keep a tenant waiting when their bathroom is full of water!
  1. Overgrown vegetation. Many leases stipulate that large outdoor maintenance is not the responsibility of the tenant. This makes good sense in most cases, especially if there’s more than one residential unit on the property. It’s a good idea to have a reliable tree lopping company in your contacts. You may only hear this complaint when Western Power says your tree is too close to the power lines, but fixing it quickly can be a “snap”.
  1. Light bulbs. Yes, believe it or not — sometimes your tenant simply can’t change a light bulb on their own – usually if the globe is out of reach. If the apartment or home has any high ceilings with lighting, it may be a challenge for the resident to reach and change the bulbs on their own. If a tenant has to get a ladder and climb it to change the bulb, if they fall, you as the landlord may be liable for any injuries!! You may want to handle this task yourself if you have the time, or organise an electrician. It may seem menial, but it’s a good way to build up a rapport with your tenant and earn some “excellent landlord” credit.

At Investors Edge Real Estate – we have many tried and tested tradesmen on hand. If you ever have any maintenance issue, whether big or small, you can be sure your property manager will be able to organise a prompt and reliable repair – contact us by completing the form below.

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