Get a Bargain Every Saturday at the Baldivis Community Market

When we look for investment properties for our clients in the Perth area, we look for certain qualities that we see as essential to successful property investing. Our first consideration is always location. We want properties in suburbs or neighbourhoods that represent high potential for growth, along with a “desirability factor.”

Buyer's Agents in Perth Talks About Baldivis

Growth and “Desirability Factor”

Any great investment property in the Perth real estate market is going to be in a growing community where people want to live. This combines the future with the now, giving the investor the best of both worlds. Predicting growth is not always easy, but it can be done by monitoring such factors as infrastructure and amenities.

The “desirability factor” is easier to see because it is immediate–some suburbs become “hot” and the properties are suddenly in great demand. Baldivis is now one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the Perth market and it hasn’t happened by accident.

Baldivis has a rural “feel” and beauty, but is only 46 km south of Perth’s CBD. The people are very friendly and it is a great place to live. You can have the peace of a small town but still be an easy drive away from Perth’s amenities.

Baldivis Community Market

One thing we really like about rural towns is their festive informal gatherings. One of the best of these is the Baldivis Community Market. The Baldivis Community Market is put on by the Lions Club Baldivis on the corner of Fifty Road and Baldivis Road.

It combines a typical local farmers market with a car boot sale and contains about everything one can imagine. There are commercial stalls with various merchandise, farmers bringing in fruits and vegetables, food and beverage vendors, and of course, your friends and neighbours with their car boot items.

While many larger markets have a commercial feel to them, the Baldivis Community Market is more like a place where the community gathers once a month to say, “hi.” The bargains are great but they are secondary to the sense of community there.

Baldivis Beckons

If you are looking for a great place to live or some desirable investment property near Perth, call 1300 472 427 and find out why Baldivis is Perth’s fastest-growing suburb.


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