Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you may think it’s easy. You may think that all you have to do is hire a real estate agent, list the house for sale and collect your money. Unfortunately, that approach could cost you thousands of dollars through decreased selling price and increased selling time.

Selling Your Home with Property Managers in Perth

If you want your house to sell fast and command a high market price, you are going to have to work at it. Simply putting a house up for sale is not a guarantee of success in the current market. If you want your home to sell fast for a high price, you will have to make it look the best you can make it look—you will have to stage and prepare your home for sale.

First Step: Declutter Your Home

Many people don’t realise it but excess clutter can devalue your home in the marketplace. If your home is cluttered, the prospective buyer will have to use their imagination to visualise a nice, clean home. Though there is no definitive data available, many estimate that as few as 1% of the population can visualise effectively. The highest estimation we have seen is 10%.

That means, at the best, 90% of those who look at your house won’t be able to imagine what it looks like without your clutter. Do you really want to alienate 90% of the people who look at your home?

Next Step: Minor Repairs

When most people look at a home, they notice the things that need to be fixed. Things that are “little” or “minor” to you may be deal breakers to prospective buyers. Some of these would be cracks or holes in walls, cracked counter or floor tiles and leaky faucets.

Clean It Up

A dirty home can alienate many prospective buyers. Often, they will decide they don’t want to live in a home that was kept so filthy by the previous residents. Be sure to clean your house until it sparkles. This includes steam cleaning the outside of the house if necessary, cleaning out cobwebs and washing windows, inside and out.

Get the Investor’s Edge

You could hire us and let the best property managers in Perth sweat the details for you. Call 1300 472 427.


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