Getting Your Rental Application Accepted

Trying to obtain the perfect rental can be a harrowing experience, but with demand so high and competition so fierce at the moment, it can sometimes feel impossible.

I often have people telling me how many viewings they have attended, with people lined up to see the home and there frustration of not having any of their applications accepted. And to make matters worse, they often don’t even hear back from the agent to let them know that their application was declined.

Getting your rental application approved

Hopefully some of the following tips might help you stand out from the crowd and secure that property you desire.

Attending the Viewing

  • Get to the viewing on time
  • Introduce yourself to the leasing agent when you first arrive or at least say hello
  • Dress appropriately

Applying for the Property

  • Make sure you fill in ALL the information asked for on the application and ensure it is neat and legible
  • Attach all relevant documentation that has been requested and anything else that you think will help substantiate your application.
  • Have you application in by the time the leasing agent has requested.
  • Follow up with a text message to the agent to ensure your application has got through to them.

The simple things matter!

The above tips might sound extremely basic but you would be amazed and how many applicants can’t manage to do these simple things.

So it really can be easy to stand out from the crowd! Good Luck.

If you have any questions about getting your rental application accepted, post them below and I will make sure to answer them.


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