Grassy Dramas! How to have the best Lawn in the street

I often see tenants just mow a lawn and thinks that’s all that’s required.

Oh I wish this was the case……

They often ask why there is so many prickles and often i hear them say that they have tried everything.

A few tips to maintaining lawns that will see you get the best out of your grass areas and your kids not complaining of prickles in their feet…..

During winter you will start to see broader leaf (winter grass) appear, this is ok, this is normal. This is in fact a really good nutrient for your lawn. During winter mow the lawns with the catcher off so all that goodness goes back into the ground. This will help you during the dryer months.

During spring you will often start seeing the clover patches appear this is the time to apply a good weed and feed… if you have a few different kinds of weeds then something like the below product is the best to use. Less that $20 for an estimated 10 metres square.







This is a concentrate pack… you will have to mix it up and spray it on in a bottle like the below to spray over the lawns.






Put this on just after you mow and leave for 2 weeks. You will start to see the weeds turning patchy and die. If you do this every 6 months in spring and then autumn you will begin to see less and less each season.

Once that occurs now comes the time for a good GRANULATED WETTA SOIL.

Estimate $9 per bag each bag covering and estimated 6 metres square patch.

Something like the below.









If you are really tight on money… a bottle of earth dishwashing liquid can be squirted over the lawn and watered in but may not be as effective or last the entire summer.





This will help during summer to retain some moisture in the ground in between your watering days.


With coutch based grass always make sure to edge your lawns and garden beds to reduce encrotching as omce this occurs you will need a strong poison to kill it off and its painful on your hands to rip out.

We provide property services across WA including Perth, Joondalup, and more.

* remember to only water on your allowable days too as fines are not covered by your landlord and will see you paying $1000.

Some hopefully helpful tricks to maintain your lawns all year round.


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