Great Agent COMMUNICATION reduces STRESS when selling Perth property

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Hi there, its Jarrad from Investors Edge Real Estate and I’m bringing you the next video in our series on How to make thousands extra and reduce stress when next selling your Perth property. And in this video we’re going to touch on a major point difference that your agent can make on the sale. And that’s bringing great communication to your sale. And I guess…

What difference does communication make Logan, we all hear this word thrown around but what does this actually practically make to the sale?

Logan: In the end you want to be making informed decisions ensuring that you’re full bottle before taking steps or changing direction. Something we do is we give weekly feedback reports, we track views online, it’s pretty important. For example if you are getting 5,000 views online which is pretty big in today’s market, bit you’re not getting any enquiry or anyone at home opens and this just goes to show that they’re just not seeing value in what you’re asking.

Jarrad: You can start to diagnose and see if you are priced right, cant you rather than just putting your head in the sand.

Logan: Yeah. If they’re seeing your 2×1 for example and you’re asking $500K and everyone seeing it but they’re actually not doing anything about it. It goes to shows that you’re just asking too much in my opinion.

Jarrad: Why is that important to know that quickly and have that communication, what difference can that make?

Logan: In the end it goes back to revising price to find the market, if you’re sitting above the market, it’s like fishing and if the hooks not even in the water you’re not getting any bites.

Jarrad: I guess that can cost people if the property is going stale.

Logan: Definitely and eventually someone [a buyer], will jump out of the water they are just going to drag it straight back to where the water’s is at if not lower. So it’s just important we tend to get feedback after the home open. We give feedback reports every week, detailed buyer feedback from the weekend and then obviously we follow up that week just to see how they went with the other home opens, how we compare to others is very important as well. You wanna make sure that you are on par of what they are viewing elsewhere. Coz in the end again if you are asking 500K and all the other 2×1 units are asking 450K, it’s just too far out.

Jarrad: I guess your agent should be keeping an eye on the competition and seeing what else you as coming to market and communicating that with you as well.

Logan: Definitely and just keep an eye on what else is selling, what else is going under offer. So, if you have been on the market world, it’s always important to get enough data. Get an updated appraisal done by the agent, just ensuring that if you’re asking again 500K and once 3 or 4 sold last week for 450K, that’s when you have got to make your mind up whether now is the right time to sell.

Jarrad: That’s pretty hard to put a price on a smooth sale isn’t it until you have one who doesn’t go that way?

Logan: No, it can be quite stressful at times with people and that’s why communication is key and we keep you updated weekly, I try to text everyone as enquiries come through.

Jarrad: Great, thanks for joining us Logan and definitely choose an agent that’s going to communicate with you and you’ll make massive difference to your end selling price and most importantly the stress and we can’t put a price on having a smooth sale.

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