Hot Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

As the days begin to cool and the nights get cold, selling a home can create a unique challenge. To appeal to a buyer, a home needs to give off a warm, comfortable vibe, allowing them to feel cosy and at home.

To inspire ideas of cosy nights at home around the fireplace, make sure to create a warm and welcoming environment within the home before potential buyers come inside. Remember that in the real estate market, first impressions can make or break a sale!

fireplaceTo create a comfortable environment, warmth comes from more than just the temperature. Consider spreading a warm vanilla scent through the home by heating up some vanilla extract. Or consider baking a plate of cookies to make the house smell like a home. Yummy scents help to create a sense of security and warmth. Add warm lighting with lamps and mood lights. Bring warm textures to the home like thick rugs and soft throw blankets on the furniture.

Of course, warmth in the air is also important. Consider cranking up the heating in the morning before you show the house. Light a fire if there is a fireplace and let the glow make everyone feel more at home. With a comfortable warmth, people will see themselves cosying up to the fire and spending their winters safe and comfortable in that space.

Another option is to spread space heaters through the home and heat it up for a few hours before showing the home. Turn down the heat and remove heaters before showing the home to ensure no one gets too warm and to prevent ruining the illusion of natural warmth. Create a warm and cosy, natural environment with the heat.

Helping potential buyers to see themselves being warm and comfy in the home will make them want to stay longer and will help you to make the sale this winter!


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