How Investors Edge Fills Your Investment Properties with High-Quality Tenants

At Investors Edge, our Perth property managers and buyers agents only work with investment properties in the Perth area. This means that we know the Perth real estate market and are exceedingly qualified to handle all of your property management needs. It also means that we know how to get you better tenants for your property and that we know how to get them faster.

Investment Properties in Perth with High Quality Tenants

Savvy property investors know that vacancies are a property investor’s second-worst nightmare and that bad tenants are the worst. This is especially important to smaller investors or those who are investing their SMSF’s in rental property.

For the small investor, even a month with no tenant can have negative consequences to their household budget, causing them to use household funds to pay off loan repayments on rental properties. In addition, any money lost now can add up to thousands during retirement due to compounding.

In the current era, the rental market has become more competitive, forcing investors to do everything right if they are going to maximise the returns on their investment properties in Perth. The bottom line is that a small investor can’t afford to do the work on their own; they should contact a company such as Investors Edge that can put professionals in their corner to protect their interests.

Inspect Real Estate: State of the Art Leasing System

If we were just relying on our expertise, our networking and our commitment to customer service, we would be a great choice for property management for your investment properties in Perth. However, we have access to a system that is blowing companies who don’t have it out of the water.

The system is called Inspect Real Estate, which automates bookings for viewings for your property. Then, it follows up and reports to you during the leasing period. Tenants are always impressed by their experience with Inspect Real Estate.

Inspect Real Estate books prospective tenants to view properties and gathers their information. This is great for security and also allows us to create a database of people looking for rentals.

Get the Investor’s Edge.

Our leasing specialist can do home opens after hours and handles all aspects of leasing your property promptly. Call 1300 472 427 today.

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