How to Troubleshoot Maintenance on Your Rental Property

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Hi, I’m Lauren from Investors Edge Real Estate. I’m  one of the property managers here and today I’m going to have a quick chat about maintenance and how to troubleshoot with tenants.

Over my experience as a property manager in Perth, I’ve been able to devise a catalogue of ideas and troubleshooting techniques to let tenants know what to try first before we arrange maintenance. Obviously there has been some huge cost to owners in the past from other agents not having enough experience and that’s something that we as Investors Edge can offer to our clients. So an example of this is a blocked drain.

Generally, we like to have a discussion with the tenants first before we approach the owners. Make sure that they’ve exhausted every possibility first before we get a plumber out. So one would be to use drain snake which you can purchase from Bunnings for just a few dollars. Or Draino to try and clear the blockage if it’s hair or grease build up in the sinks and then finally a plunger. Again all just costing a few dollars and that’s what the tenants can try first before we approach the owner and get approval to send the plumber out.

So obviously, this is just one aspect of what we can offer you – experience and knowledge about those little troubleshooting things for tenants. So if you’d like to learn more, give me a call.


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