I don’t want this to happen to you…

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How is your day going?…

I am sitting here at my desk reflecting on what has been quite a roller coaster of a week for me.

On Monday night Karina and I were broken into at home.

We were both working late and Karina came home first to find that our garage door was not working, so she had to get out of her car and enter through the front door. She initially thought the power was off but when she opened the shoppers entry door to check, she could see that the power cord to the garage door motor had been unplugged and was hanging down… a shiver ran up her spine as her first thought was, is our dog Bella alright?…

Thankfully, Bella was unharmed but very stressed out, just inside the family room door. So Karina grabbed her and then ran out of the house. As she looked around on her way out, all our draws and cupboards were open and everything was ransacked…. We had been robbed and my heart sank when she called to tell me… her next call was to the police who arrived within 5 minutes of her call.

We are both very thankful that nothing serious had happened to Bella, stuff can be replaced but you hear some pretty horrible stories on the news about pets being severely hurt by robbers.

Other than having our house messed up, the robber(s) stole a lot of jewelery which we are hopeful that we will get back from our insurance (fingers crossed). Thankfully I called our insurer 3 months ago to update our policy because we would otherwise be seriously out of pocket.

So I thought I would send you this email to remind you to please make sure that you have adequate contents insurance. You absolutely need it as a property owner and as a tenant.

Anyone that has ever been robbed knows the hassle of making a police report and an insurance claim… its a paperwork nightmare! So make sure in advance you have receipts and photos of all your valuables. We have had to spend many hours searching through bank statements to find out the purchase dates and amounts and then going back to stores to get receipts re-printed. Wish I had taken a photo of them in the first place… I will do that from now on 😉

SafetyA robbery can happen any time. However with the Easter break nearly upon us, I especially want your home to be safe if you are going away. So I was doing a bit of research and found this report which has been put together by WA police, to be very helpful… It contains a checklist, tips and advice to keep your home & car safe and secure while on holiday and throughout the year.

You can download this very handy report by CLICKING HERE

Stay safe and enjoy your short week and Easter long weekend ahead!

Best Regards,

Jarrad Mahon

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