Purchase Property Investment Services

1. Buyer Information Pack @ $220 which includes:

Purchase in the right suburb that has a history of performance while avoiding costly mistakes.

  • List of 5 Suburb Recommendations based on your budget using evidence based suburb selection based on 30 year history of the top performers in average annual growth rates- this data is not available anywhere else we know of.
  • Our ideal criteria for Suburb, Area and Property Selection.
  • Example offer and acceptance conditions to protect you the buyer.
  • Property inspection checklist to ensure you think of important things to check.
  • Recommendations to our trusted service providers: Buyers Agent, Finance Broker, Settlement Agent, Building & Pest Inspectors, Surveyor, etc as required.

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2. Property Purchase Review @ $220 each which includes:

Essential information to make important decisions on whether the property stacks up and how much to pay with turnaround within 1 business day.

  • Expected market value, and input on buy price.
  • Background on the property history.
  • Calculation of past growth performance.
  • Rental appraisal and rentability advice

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3. Property Viewing & Final Inspection @$110 each attendance:

  • Property viewing and final inspection service for out of state or time poor investors, which includes a visual inspection of the property’s location, condition and suggestions to improve rentability.
  • Our availability is limited, especially on the weekends so if a viewing is not possible a full refund will be provided.

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