Investment Property in Perth: Tips for Judging its Value

Our stable of Perth real estate agents have a lot of experience in judging the value of a property. We specialise in investment properties in Perth and it is not only our job but our mission to help our clients maximise their investments. We know of three great ways to find a very close estimation of the value of a property. We never really know about any particular property until the market tells us but all of these methods can give you a great idea of how much a property is worth.

Investment Property in Perth

Here are three methods of judging the value of your home.

Real Estate Agent Appraisal

While we would like to report that this is the most accurate way, our appraisals are unofficial and we don’t have access to quite as much information as professional valuers. That leads us to our second option.

Professional Valuers

Professional Valuers have access to information that the Government doesn’t even have yet. They get information from sales information which is available at Landgate and they also have access to figures from Free Sale Appraisal. If you need a valuation to obtain a loan, a professional valuer is the person you want to see.

Professional valuers are independent and impartial–and remove any doubt as to the motivation of a valuation.

Property Report from Private Company

These are often computer-generated and take data from Landgate. They usually involve extrapolating the last sale price into today’s market. While this sounds great in theory and sometimes works really well, it can also miss a lot of factors, such as improvement or degradation of properties.

If you work with a private data company, make sure to ask for the current improved value.

The Choice is Yours

We always recommend going local. Whether you need a professional, formal report from a professional valuer or you need a trusted Perth real estate agent to give you a reasonable projection, our local people know the neighbourhood.

At Investors Edge, we specialise in Perth investment properties. Whether its management or buying or selling investment property, it’s all we do. We know this market inside-out, and our wealth of local knowledge can be extremely useful to someone looking for investment properties in Perth.

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