Jackson’s Restaurant in Highgate: A Destination for Gourmet Diners

Highgate is a tiny suburb within the City of Vincent and only 2km from the Perth CBD. It is the second-smallest Perth suburb, measuring only 0.4 square kilometres. Highgate is small, but is known for having a lot of great restaurants per capita, from casual to gourmet. Leading the way in the gourmet category is Jackson’s, located at 483 Beaufort Street.

Jackson’s Restaurant in Highgate

Jackson’s Restaurant: Perth’s “Special Night Out”

Jackson’s Restaurant is named after owner and world-renowned chef Neil Jackson. Chef Jackson started at the Savoy Hotel in London as an apprentice and quickly moved on to London’s Caprice Restaurant before moving to Australia in 1971. Chef Jackson spent the next 17 years building his reputation in regional WA restaurants before finally opening Jackson’s in 1988.

Chef Jackson is credited as the first chef to serve a degustation menu in Australia. A degustation menu is a menu consisting of small portions of eight or more courses chosen to act in concert with each other to affect the gustatory system, which consists of the taste receptor cells located within the taste buds.

Usually, chefs use their signature dishes in their degustation menus. Luckily for diners, he has a lot of “signature dishes.” Chef Jackson has announced his intent to retire soon, so anyone who wants to sample food cooked by one of Australia’s best chefs should probably get there soon.

Jackson’s has won numerous Restaurant and Catering Institute (WA) awards for Best Overall Restaurant. In a chef’s poll in Business News, Jackson’s was voted the #1 restaurant in WA. Jackson’s was also named the “Best Modern Australian Restaurant” in Australia by the Restaurant and Catering Institute Australia.

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