Karate with a Purpose in Baldivis

Our Perth property management team has told you a lot about the suburb of Baldivis in recent months. For those who haven’t been reading on a regular basis, Baldivis is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Perth. It has become a mecca for both residential buyers and those looking for investment properties in the Perth area.

We have also told you about how we feel Baldivis, like many Perth suburbs, is making a lot of great decisions at the local government level concerning zoning to make Baldivis a family-friendly suburb.

Karate in Baldivis

Now, we would like to tell you about a place in Baldivis that can help teach your children self-defence while enhancing their powers of concentration and their self-image: GKR Karate.

An International Karate Giant in Baldivis

GKR is an international Karate school whose motto is “Fitness with a Purpose.” It was established in Adelaide in 1984 and in the years since, this small Australian karate school has become an international juggernaut, with locations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

Kancho Robert Sullivan, who founded GKR, is still going strong as the Chief Instructor. GKR now has thousands of students in four countries. The addition of a school in a suburb such as Baldivis is a great opportunity for children and adults.

GKR teaches all ages, beginning at age 5 and is a great program for children. That being said, adults can also become very physically fit with GKR Karate. In fact, the school has many students who are adults seeking fitness. They also have tournament participants at all levels for those who become serious about karate.

Why We Like GKR Karate

GKR Karate started out in Australia and has done us proud, both at home and in other countries. Their schools help people of all ages stay physically fit while improving their concentration. Though any martial artist knows it is always wiser not to fight unless in a martial arts bout, GKR Karate helps greatly on those occasions when self-defence is necessary.

We see the establishment of a GKR school in Baldivis as acknowledgement that Baldivis is “on the map.” Baldivis is growing faster than any Perth suburb, making it one of the best places for investment property near Perth.


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