Leeming: On the Doorstep to Three Diverse Cities

Our property management team would like to tell you about another Perth suburb that we really like: Leeming. Leeming has the distinction of being under the councils of three different cities: Canning, Cockburn and Melville. It also fits our criteria of being near plenty of amenities, providing a family-friendly lifestyle and being poised for consistent capital growth.

Investment Property in Perth: Leeming

The Demographics

Leeming has a population of 11,093 according to the 2011 Census and is equally divided between males and females. It is 14 km south of the Perth CBD and has a median age of 39 years, which is two years higher than the Australian average. 58.5% of the population is married while 31.2% of the population have never been married.

Leeming’s unemployment rate is 3.7%, with 58.5% working full time and 32.2% working part time. Professionals comprise 26.3% of the workforce, while 17.9% are administrative and clerical workers. 12.8% of workers are techs and tradies, 9.5% are sales workers, 8.5% are personal service and community workers, with labourers at 6.6% and drivers and machinery workers at 4%.

The median individual income was reported at $741 per week, while the median household income worked out to $2121 per week. Only 12% of homes in Leeming are rented, at a median price of $560 for a house. The median house price is $700,000 and the median unit price is $347,000.

What We Like about Leeming

There are two things we really like about Leeming. First of all, it is part of three different councils. We like this because it gives a bit of flexibility in regulations from council to council. If you are looking to buy and don’t like a particular code or rule in one part of Leeming, you may find relief from it in another part of the town.

We also like its rather small amount of home rentals. While we like a busy rental market, a market with as small a supply of rental property as Leeming usually has a high demand for rentals.

Get the Investor’s Edge

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