Do You Like Drive-in Movies? Kingsley has the Last Drive-in Theatre in Perth

In the 1970’s, the epitome of family-friendly activity was going to the drive-in theatre. In 1973, the last drive-in theatre in the Perth area was built: The Galaxy. Now, it is the last one remaining open, outliving its peers and predecessors by over twenty years at this point.

Drive-in Theatre in Perth

The allure of drive-in movies is the same as it was when the Galaxy opened: an inexpensive night out for the entire family. In addition, most moviegoers watch from their cars, affording a degree of privacy that traditional theatres don’t. This makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere than in an indoor movie theatre.

A drive-in movie is still a unique and iconic experience for many and watching from one’s car isn’t mandatory. Many bring chairs and watch the movie outside. Some park their utes backward in the parking bays, open the rear door and watch from their ute trays. The Galaxy now uses a digital system for projecting the movies and runs specials such as double-features on the weekends and Tuesday night specials.

According to Carol Leigh, the community history librarian for the Wanneroo Regional Museum, the nearest drive-in theatre was the Moonline Drive-in, located in Wanneroo on Archer Street. The location is now in Pearsall and the drive-in was demolished in the 1980’s to make room for a housing estate.

Most drive-ins were demolished for the same reason: as demand for housing and land became higher, owners found they could make a lot more money selling or developing the land for housing instead of running a drive-in theatre.

According to Ms Leigh, the first drive-in theatre in the Perth area was built in the 1950’s and there were 17 drive-in theatres during their peak in the 1970’s.

Why We Like Kingsley

Our system for investment success is simple: purchase investment properties in family-friendly Perth suburbs and then hire professional property management to take care of them for you.

Kingsley is so family-friendly that it is the last place in the Perth market where the local drive-in theatre hasn’t been demolished for the sake of profit. In addition, its low number of 12% rentals creates high demand for rental properties there.

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