Renovation Tips – Where to Start?

Renovation Tips
When you are getting ready to sell a house, there is always the question of how much money you’re going to get back if you renovate.  Not every renovation is guaranteed to get you your money back!

Kitchen and Bathrooms

A good place to start is in the kitchen and the bathrooms because these are the rooms where prospective buyers are most likely to notice any renovations. Don’t get me wrong, these rooms can be costly but they are also more likely to get you a better return.  New counters, tiles on the floor, basic appliances and new fixtures will give your home a fresh feel.


Adding rooms is also a good way to get a good return-on-investment for your renovations. Add an extension to your living room. Make an addition such as a master suite. Renovate that concrete floored basement and make it into an additional room.  All of these renovations are a safe and effective way to add value to your home (just make sure you check with your local council first!)


Style points also often count more than you imagine. If you’re planning a major renovation, don’t get too idiosyncratic. Make sure it fits with the design and style of the rest of your house. When making renovations; be sure to choose a neutral theme that will appeal to the majority of buyers. If you have a thing for purple walls, you might want refrain from indulging in your personal tastes. Not everyone will share your passion for purple (actually, you’re probably an army of one in that department!)

These tips should go a long way in getting the most out of selling your home, but don’t forget other cheap improvements that can be made such as a fresh coat of paint, a deep cleaning of the carpets. Homebuyers love the smell of fresh paint and clean carpets!

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