Local Government Announces Future Housing Opportunities in High Wycombe

Our buyer’s agents and our property management team have been keeping an eye on High Wycombe, as we do all Perth suburbs. High Wycombe falls under the council of the Shire of Kalamunda, an area which is seeing a lot of growth.

Property Management in Perth

The main agenda in both Kalamunda and High Wycombe is to better use their existing urban land to create a better metropolitan shire that costs less to maintain and operate while providing more services to area residents. To accomplish their goal, the Shire has created their “Draft Local Housing Strategy,” which is designed to provide more housing and more diversification of land and building use.

The Strategy is designed to provide a solid knowledge base that will allow the Shire to effectively project the future housing needs of all communities under their council. It will include a direction for coding in the future, as well as amending the Local Planning Scheme and determining the future direction for reviewing the Scheme.

What the Local Housing Strategy Means to You

If you are looking for investment property in the Perth area and want to subdivide, you may want to look at High Wycombe. The area south of Kalamunda Road between Wittenoom Road and Edney Road will be zoned R25/R40, with many areas along Kalamunda Road slated for R25/R60 zoning.

While we can’t make any sweeping statements that will be 100% accurate yet, we can say that it looks like many lots will be zoned to allow more density than they currently allow, giving the green light to investors to buy a property, wait for zoning to change, then develop to produce a good profit.

The only thing our buyers agents and property managers can say for certain is that Perth is growing and High Wycombe is an area that is primed for even more growth. The fact that they are under one of the more proactive councils for managing projected population growth bodes well for those who want to purchase investment properties in this Perth suburb.

It Pays to be Informed

Our property management team and our buyer’s agents have a wealth of experience in High Wycombe and other Perth suburbs. Call 1300 472 427 today for an individual analysis of your needs.

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