Make Your Property STAND OUT in a Crowded Rental Market

Your text hereWe’ve all heard it, its on the TV, the radio, even on your Facebook newsfeed – Perth’s rental market is crowded! So how can you get your property noticed by the tenants you want? What steps do you need to take to make sure the property stands out and gets leased FAST? It’s easier than you might think. Take a look below at some things you can do to make sure your property doesn’t stay vacant.


One of the first things any potential tenant looks at before even considering the property is the price. The rent you charge should be sufficient for you to maintain an income while also in line with the market’s comparables. You don’t want to be overcharging for rent in an area where prices are lower. Do your homework on what other landlords in the area are charging. Then, set a competitive rate that will attract the kind of tenants you want.


The cleanliness of the property is important, too. Ensuring it is free of cobwebs, dust, and of course, any leftover rubbish from previous tenants. Whether you put in your own elbow grease to get the cleaning done or you hire a third party, this is a must-do step. It will be practically impossible to rent a dirty apartment or home!


Everyone wants to see what the place looks like before they schedule time out of their day to walk through. Consider hiring a professional property photographer to take snapshots of each room as well as the exterior of the home. This is your opportunity to “sell” the property to tenants before they ever set foot inside. The right photos can energise a tenant into picking up the phone and calling you.

Flexible Home Open Times

Home open times must be flexible. Many people work and cannot make it early in the morning or mid-day to view the property. Be willing to accommodate and coordinate schedules with individual tenants. Not only is it imperative for tenants to see what they’re getting, but it gives you the chance to build a relationship and show them you are willing to work with them!

A Great Property Management Team

Finally, invest in a good management team. The reputation of the property management service, coupled with all the services they provide (maintenance, cleaning, etc.) will make the property much more attractive to potential tenants. This also takes a lot of the work out of your hands. Now, all you have to do is sit back and let your team do the work for you!

It might seem difficult to STAND OUT and attract the right tenants, but by combining these elements, your property will shine. Don’t forget to consider taking extra steps, such as renovations and landscaping. Just because the rental market is crowded doesn’t mean your property should be vacant!!

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