Marketing My Property for Sale

Marketing My PropertyWhen you have a property that you are ready to sell, whether you are an investor or a homeowner, finding a buyer isn’t simply as easy as hammering down a “For Sale” sign in the yard and waiting for prospective buyers to come flocking. Marketing your home is essential for a successful sale. Not only does good marketing get the word out, but it also works to entice buyers into making the purchase. Marketing a home is just like advertising any other product — the goal is to convince someone to buy.

With that in mind, it can get pretty confusing when you look at all the different ways to market a home that is out there. Which one is best for you? Where should you focus your time? Your best bet, no matter what kind of property you wish to sell, is to concentrate your efforts on a combination of different marketing tactics.

Floor plans

Even if a house has incredible kerb appeal, that’s not going to stop buyers from wanting to know what’s inside the home. Floor plans offer you a way to reveal the interior layout of a property to buyers before they ever set foot inside for a tour. In fact, showing off the layout can sometimes be enough to trigger interest all on its own. From the most basic floor plans which are simply a top-down drawing of the property’s rooms to more textured plans (showing off hardwood floors, etc.) with granular details, is a good first step to take.

Website-based property tours

There are plenty of affordable ways to show off your property on the web. With more and more home buyers beginning their hunt on the Internet first, having a place on the web where interested parties can “walk through” the home in pictures (or via a pre-recorded video) is an excellent idea. While nothing beats physically being in the home, like floor plans, this method encourages intrigued buyers to set an appointment for an actual visit.


Don’t forget that the most essential and critical marketing tool for any seller is photography. Again, like with web-based tours, this lets buyers get a solid sense of what the home looks like and allows them to determine their interest level. Excellent photography can cast a home in a very positive light — sometimes literally if you go with morning or dusk photography of the property!

There are plenty of other ways to market your home, too — consider reaching out for professional help in this area. This will allow you to coordinate your efforts into a cohesive, sensible approach. With the right marketing, you’ll have plenty of calls to return and emails to answer. A sale may even be on the horizon sooner than you realise.

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