More on What Men and Women Want in a House

In the world of Perth property managers, as well as Free Sale Appraisal, good news travels fast. Due to unprecedented response to our recent blog post on women buying decisions and home ownership, we decided to discuss a brilliant blend of male and female perspective that we found in a recent article in ‘Perth Now.’

House Preferences

The article, called “Traversing the Great Divide,” uses a lot of quotes from interior designer and owner of The Design Hunter, Melissa Bonney, Sales and Marketing manager for Metricon, Regina Barnes; and Bill Hewlitt, who is a dispute resolution practitioner for Relationships Australia, and apparently the only male brave enough to be quoted for this story.

According to Bonney, men want big TV’s and barbecues, while women want family-friendly kitchens, intelligent use of storage area and floor plans, and an open plan design.

This most often manifests in women paying close attention to space for children to play and live, storage, and family living spaces, while men pay more attention to technology and outdoor “toys” such as benches and huge built-in outdoor kitchens.

Barnes feels that men and women, despite the perception of change, tend to fill traditional family roles, whose distinct focuses come into play when designing or choosing a house. She feels that women are interested in the kitchen layout, kids bedrooms and family rooms; while men want to make sure there is a lot of entertainment–both outside and inside.

Hewlett, the only male source for the story, feels that these roles and differences can cause conflict if not closely monitored. He feels that men are focused on the process, while women are more focused on results. Ultimately, Hewlett has one opinion on which everyone can agree: A lot of communication and compromise are needed to keep both parties happy.

What this Has to do with Your Investment Property in Perth

If there is one obvious conclusion one can draw from this and the previous post about gender and housing decisions, it is that, whether you are looking to rent or sell an investment property, you should make sure that it has a design which integrates both male and female concerns and preferences. It’s solid business: Keep both sides happy.

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