Moving House With Children

If there’s one thing property managers hear often from tenants in the more family-friendly Perth suburbs, it’s horror stories about trying to move a house with children. Moving is a major source of stress for adults, but sometimes we forget that it is just as stressful on the children.

Property Managers gives Tips on Moving with Children

Goodbyes are Tough for Children

Often, your children will have to say goodbye to their friends; worse yet, they have to leave their favourite places to play in. Changing schools is also difficult on children for they have to learn how to “fit in” all over again somewhere else.

It is important that you are available for your children when they are upset and communication is essential. Many in the child development and psychology fields estimate that moving causes as much stress as divorce or death in the family and the best way to help alleviate this stress is to prepare in advance.

Turn Stress to Excitement

Try to accentuate the positive aspects of the move. If you can get your children excited about their new start, you have won more than half the battle to ease their stress. Tell them all about the great new things around your new home, especially places children like to go to.

Bystander or Partner?

Anything you can do to help your child feel like a partner or participant instead of a powerless bystander will go a long way toward making the move smoother for both yourself and your children. If you were a child who was moving, would you rather feel like an active force in the move or someone who is being pulled, kicking and screaming to a strange place?

Communication is Key

Before, during and after the move, you must communicate openly and honestly with your children. They must also be allowed to communicate their feelings to you without fear of reprisal.

Settling In

Letting your children choose their rooms or even letting them choose the paint colours will help them feel at home faster. Make sure that they have access to a box of their favourite toys at all stages of the move, it is sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

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Property managers and buyer’s agents in Perth provide tips on how to help alleviate the stress of moving for children.

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