Patching & Painting Tips for Rental Properties

A common issue in rental properties I see is with patch and painting.

The patching is usually rough, hasn’t been sanded flat and the paint is usually the wrong colour.

First tip…. leave this for your property manager to arrange repairs if you do not know what you’re doing. Whether you’re the tenant or owner if you don’t know what you’re doing then things can go terribly wrong and cost you a fortune to fix…

Do ask your property manager for assistance.

If you believe this is something you can do then here a few tips you may find useful…

FIRST STEP: Wash the walls to prep the area. Sugar soap is best.

Common mistake most people make is that they use what everyone calls SPAKFILLA premade or powder variant. This is not ideal when patching corners especially.

Better to use a premade topping compound. Can be purchased from bunnings similiar to like to the below pictured item.

This sands well when dry and is alot easier to work with.

* Spakfillas tend to be clumpy or the wrong consistency to stick properly so when sanding they flake off in clumps or crack.

It is also best to use a wide metal spatula also as this will act as a level to the exsisting wall so less sanding required.

Always make sure you allow appropriate drying time…. it will not dry properly within minutes ideally over night is best.

When sanding… use a very fine grade sandpaper this will not dig or scratch into the exsisting wall. So will then require less painting.

Painting- firstly see if you have extra touch up paint in the property. This will save you some time and money.

If none present see if your property manager can find a paint code or paint name for you this will see you get the best match.

Worse case you will have to take a paint sample (usually of the flaked off wall) to your local paint centre or bunnings to have a match made for you.

If there are alot of patches on one wall it is usually best to repaint the entire wall to get a better finish.

This will see less issues at final vacate if your a tenant.

If only painting patches… make sure you have wiped the wall first for any excess dust before painting and use a good quality paint brush or small roller.

One coat maybe enough but always check after it dries… if you can stand back open the windows and you can see every brush mark you made then you might just have to give the entire wall a coat.

Happy patching!!!!

If you run into issues remember your property manager would rather step in and help then see you get stuck with the repair bill.

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