Perth Home Upgraders Signal Start of Market Recovery!

In reviewing the top growth Suburbs of 2016 it’s clear that many Perth families have taken advantage of the buyers’ market to upgrade into blue chip areas, signaling the start of a market recovery.

Previously Suburbs like Fremantle and Alfred Cove would have been out of reach for many but with softening prices those with decent equity and a stable high paying job have managed to upgrade their home in 2016.

This increasing activity has put upward pressure on house prices landing 9 blue chip Suburbs in the top 12 growth list for 2016.

SuburbSalesMedian House Price (Sept)Annual Change %
Kallaroo67$785,000 19.10%
Swanbourne54$1,710,000 14.80%
Trigg39$1,135,000 12.90%
South Guildford47$558,000 9.40%
Applecross79$1,490,000 7.20%
Bullsbrook30$390,000 5.80%
Fremantle62$846,500 5.50%
Attadale74$1,066,250 4.00%
Alfred Cove44$884,000 4.00%
South Fremantle38$1,035,000 3.90%
Churchlands35$1,370,000 3.80%
Bentley51$550,000 3.30%

Source: REIWA & Landgate

Upon looking deeper I can also see that the overall supply of houses for sale in Perth has started to trend downwards with each month since September having less properties for sale compared to the same time last year.

The positive signs are adding up to indicate a bottoming of the Perth market and the start of a recovery in certain areas. So what will 2017 hold for Perth Property?…

I am predicting the growth seen in the higher priced blue chip suburbs will ripple down to those price between $500,000 and $800,000 and unfortunately in the meantime I believe there will be more pain for the lower priced suburbs which suffered the most in 2016.

2 thoughts on “Perth Home Upgraders Signal Start of Market Recovery!

  1. Jarrod,
    How do we know?
    Whilst our property consistently is being valued at approx $750k, yet rental remains at $500/week. How do we gauge if the rental is low (or over valued)? The market comparison between value and rent seems to be low in Perth, would you agree?

  2. Hi Rob,

    Rental yields are generally around 4.5% so at the median price of $500,000 a house would be renting for $430pw… this is very good compared to Melbourne and Sydney which are generally around 3-3.5%.

    The lower priced outer areas have better rental returns of 4.5-5%+ but lower potential for capital growth, and the higher priced suburbs will have lower rent returns of 3.5-4% and higher potential for capital growth.

    With your price at 750k and rent at 500pw that is a 3.7% rental yield and is in the middle of what I would expect. However to be sure, if you send me an email I can have one of our team do a rental comparison report for you.

    Cheers, Jarrad

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