Perth Property Insider Ep. 02: Riding the Perth Property Emotional Roller Coaster

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When property market prices hit rock bottom, the emotions involving property investing also hit an all-time low. But letting it decide when to hold on and when to sell your properties is a bad idea.

The harder the fall, the higher the bounce. That’s what we’ll get stuck in on today’s episode as I express my sentiment on the Perth property emotional roller coaster. I will share with you why you need to rein your emotions in to make better, more rational investment decisions. Whether you are a Perth local property investor or an East Coast property investor, there’s a lot of value to pick up on in this episode.

Keep your emotions in check by tuning in to this episode now!


Episode Highlights:

  1. The emotional roller coaster of property investing [01:08]
  2. The link between market prices and investors’ emotions [03:51]
  3. Property investing is just like growing and tending to your plants [04:23]
  4. Why you need to have more control over your emotions [06:50]
  5. The unbelievable growth that the Perth property market is seeing [07:39]
  6. What’s causing the surge in property market growth in Perth [10:31]
  7. Looking at the facts and your reasons first before deciding to sell [11:53]

About Our Host:

Managing Director and Licensee at Investor’s Edge Real Estate for more than 12 years, Jarrad Mahon is a household name in the real estate industry. Having received 16 awards over the last six years, he is your go-to guy in property management and investment strategies. He has been featured in multiple media outlets and is continuing to make great strides in the world of real estate investing.

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