Perth Property Insider Ep. 04: Maximising Your Property Rent in This Rising Perth Rental Market

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It might be a lot easier now to find tenants for your rental property, but you should still be doing everything possible to maximise the rent.

In this episode I speak to my colleague and REIWA property manager of the year for 2013 on what can be done to attract tenants, how to set your price to be just right, marketing essentials and how to improve rentability.

Capitalise on the Perth rental market growth. Tune in to this episode now!



Episode Highlights:

  1. Current activities in the Perth property market [01:36]
  2. What properties are in demand in the property market? [02:38]
  3. The value of a great property managers [04:35]
  4. Making your property’s presentation work to attract tenants [06:37]
  5. Getting the marketing right to improve exposure [10:07]
  6. What to do if you happen to underprice your property [12:16]
  7. Setting the price right [13:17]
  8. How investors can make the most out of their property and price [16:10]
  9. Things that can make renting out your property more challenging [20:00]
  10. Navigating through the of the emergency period with an existing tenant [24:26]

About Our Guest:

After working for more than 8 years at Investors’ Edge Real Estate, Jewayne Loong has shown great passion for helping property investors improve their property returns. After three years as a Property Manager, he was promoted to Business Development Manager and shows excellent performance to this day. Awarded as the Property Manager of the Year 2013, he helps both landlords & tenants resolve conflicts and shares insights in his monthly blog.


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